The government and the people of Nigeria should learn not to take the covid-19 pandemic as a joke but as a deadly disease which must be curtailed by all means possible. This deadly virus has ravaged nations and their territories destroying world’s healthcare systems and the global economy. There is yet to be a known cure for the pandemic but the only known current remedy is to prevent the further spread.

Hence, as part of the pragmatic control measures, governments in different countries have enforced restriction of free movement and have locked down businesses, which directly implies that individuals and households will no longer be able to earn daily income for survival and sustenance during the lockdown. ...


It is sad to know that the youths and young adults who ought to be catalysts for Nigeria's rapid socio-economic development have ironically become the same perpetrators of various heinous crimes that threaten the safety, peace and socio-economic wellbeing of our communities. People have been killed in Tens of Thousands by the Boko Haram Terrorist Group, apart from the millions of lives, thousands of families and hundreds of communities displaced. Also, billions of Dollars were lost in capital investments. While collective efforts are on-going to rebuild the North-East Nigeria, let us also take the responsibility of preventing the emergence of more radical groups, else some other parts of the country could suffer more severe attacks than being witnessed in the North-East.

Nigeria’s high youth unemployment is indeed very worrisome. Even with their willingness to work, youths and young adults in their large numbers (tens of millions), ...


Youths Off The Street Initiative (YOTSI) is a non-profit and non-governmental youth enterprise and socio-economic development organization, whose members consist of youths, young adults and other Nigerians, both home and abroad (diaspora), who share a common interest in nurturing enterprising, productive and responsible youths for Nigeria's sustainable economic development and social well-being by facilitating and providing economic opportunities to support and promote youth enterprise in agriculture, technology and food and agro-allied services.

YOTSI was created out of the critical necessity to address Nigeria's perennial problem of chronic youth unemployment and its associated effects of idleness, extreme poverty, deprivation, distress, misery and frustration, which jointly are the identified key factors responsible for youth radicalization ...

Official Launch

7th January, 2017 was the Official Launch and Unveiling of Youths Off The Street Initiative at Bestwestern Hotel, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
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The economic marginalization and mass unemployment of youths, despite its critical threats to the country's economic productivity, political stability, human and national security, it is still very obvious that the government of Nigeria at all levels is not doing enough to tackle the challenge. This is evident in the lack of sincere efforts by government to tackle unemployment among young people. Most of the government-driven job creation programmes and employment initiatives have been counter-productive due to insincerity of purpose and the high level of corruption in the public sector. The funds usually earmarked for government-initiated youth employment creation projects have always been diverted by corrupt public officials to private use with absolute impunity. Ironically, these stolen funds also include foreign monetary aid from international development organizations and donor agencies.


Until Nigeria's problem of political and economic marginalization of young people is brought under adequate control, the country sits on a "time bomb" bound to explode (This is the emphasis).Without gainsaying the fact, unless efforts are widely mobilized NOW to de-radicalize the youths and de-escalate the current rising trend of radicalization among young people, which is fast spreading across the country, then it will be right to say that Nigeria stands the risk of a youth-led armed revolution in the near future (armed youth explosion). This of course, will not only result in the loss of the country's already weak democracy but bloodshed, loss of lives and destruction of properties, beyond our imagination (Please lets draw lessons from the Arab Spring).

If we are careless to allow this happen,...


In order for Nigerians to overcome extreme poverty, unemployment, hunger, food insecurity and other effects of economic underdevelopment, it will require above other things, building a positive youth economic force.

Our programmes are based on a wholesome pragmatic approach, which entirely supports youth enterprise in agriculture, technology and food and agro-allied services. Please note YOTSI's enterprise support in agriculture, food and agro-allied services extends beyond youths but also to women, men, households, families and communities across Nigeria.


Youths Off The Street Initiative (YOTSI) is a non-profit and non-governmental multifaceted youth-focused socio-economic emancipation movement. Its scope extends across Nigeria and beyond. In practical term, YOTSI actually exists and functions as a global movement of people working to support youth enterprise development in Nigeria aimed towards developing Nigeria's economy and lifting the generality of Nigerians out of extreme poverty.

 In seeking to achieve its mission, YOTSI works with all relevant stakeholders across Nigeria and foreign countries.


  • LIVESTOCK DEVELOPMENT: Poultry (Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks) ,Fishery, Snailery, Piggery and the rearing of Goats, Sheep and Cattle.
  • FOOD-CROPS FARMING: Cassava, Yam, Cowpea, Plantain, Banana, Soya Beans, Vegetables, Pawpaw, Pineapple, Cocoyam, Potatoes, Water Melon, Lemon, Lettuce, Cucumber and Others.
  • AGRO-ALLIED Productions: Animal Feeds, Agro-Chemicals and Other Agro-Allied Products
  • Food Items: Plantain Flour, Yam Flour,...


  • Young individuals, families and communities have become self-empowered to eradicate extreme poverty through education, political participation. Entrepreneurship, social activism and other means
  • Young people, families and communities have been empowered to become the agents of their own development
  • Young Nigerians are provided with economic opportunities to contribute to national development and are doing so
  • Young people are given a loud voice and a wide political platform to influence a functioning democracy and a government accountable to Nigerians
  • Nigeria's actualization of a sustainable functioning democracy and a socio-economic system that works for the welfare of all citizens




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